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Delfina's Gold
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By Willard Thompson

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The second novel in the Chronicles of California saga, Delfina's Gold tells the story of two Yankee adventurers who come to California in the 1830s seeking their fortunes.

When both fall in love with Delfina de Alba, the beautiful, young blue-eyed Senorita who can out-ride and out-rope most of the vaqueros in Santa Barbara, they have a falling out. One of them, Will Thornton, makes a startling discovery that changes his life is forever . He becomes a wealthy trader, sailing to Canton, China to purchase rich cargoes for the California market.

The other man, Toby Austen, captains a schooner in the coastal trade, but seems always plagued by bad luck.

Delfina takes over the large horse and cattle rancho from her mother and set a goal to having the finest horse-breeding facility in California, but she is plagued by a jealous countryman who threatened to reveal a damning secret about her. Everyone's life changes in the 1840s when American and British forces cast jealous eyes on California's wealth. With the unstoppable advent of the Mexican War, each of the characters must choose sides and fight for the welfare of their families. Surrounding these characters are a diverse cast of real and fictional personages. They add color and authenticity to this well researched and beautifully written story.

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